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Rider Courtesy


  • If you are riding in a race run or practice and you catch up to a slower rider in front of you, yell “rider”, or “track”
  • If you are the rider in front, get off the track or out of the way as soon as you can.  You must get out of the way as fast as you can, especially in racing
  • The faster rider should also be patient and realize that sometimes there isn’t anywhere safe to get off the track


  • If you crash and have accidentally dislodged a large rock, or any other obstacle, into the middle of the track, take it off the track, or put it back in its original spot
  • Ensure the bunting is put back securely if you crash through it.  Don't just keep riding and leave it for someone else to fix
  • After your fall, and if you decide to have a break, ensure you and your bike are well clear of the track
  • If you crash, and cannot move or get off the track, and you hear a rider-approaching, yell out “rider down” or “stop” or even “help”
  • Make sure you look and listen when re-entering the track


  • Never stop on the track. Always find a safe area away from the track
  • If you have no choice but to stop in the middle of the track, due to a bad mechanical fault, and there is no where to move, and you hear an approaching rider, yell loud and clear “rider” or “track”


  • If you roll over a jump and notice the lip is worn away, advise a marshal who will get in touch with the track builder to fix
  • Do not change the track because you don’t like a section.  If you change the track, the new part you build will be illegal
  • Don’t create new lines that are obviously not part of the track.  Ride on the marked track only
  • If you can’t ride part of the track, walk it


  • If you see a rider who needs any sort of help, and you can help them in any way, (mechanical, loading bike onto shuttle or just to be friendly) DO IT
  • Do not push in line for shuttles
  • Always take your rubbish with you.  Don’t leave for someone else to take home or pickup


  • Be nice to volunteers; remember they help make the race happen.  If the volunteer does not know what they are doing, speak to the Race Director so the volunteer can be educated
  • Help out - there are lots of jobs to be done. Stay after the race and help pack up the gear (bunting, wires, collecting rubbish, packing up tents etc
  • If you placed in your race for a prize, don’t leave.  Make sure you stay for the presentation and make your speech short!


  • See the Race Director on race day, or the President, or Vice president of the club. 
  • Do it politely and at the appropriate time, if they say they are busy come back and see them.
  • Don’t bag the race before you have spoken to the organisers!